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Lawn Care
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​​Lawn Care Tips

When should I cut my grass?
Grass should be cut at a minimum of once a week or every 7 days or so, during the early morning hours or later in the evening if possible. This ensures that the grass hasn't grown too much between mows, minimizes the build-up of thatch and protects freshly mowed lawn from the hot sun.
What is the best height to cut my grass ?
Lawn height ultimately depends on grass type, soil type and moisture content, a recommended height is 2.5-3.5 inches. Do not cut your grass too short! Too often we see scalped lawns resulting in sun and root damage. We find that a slightly higher cut is more beneficial for lawns during the hot dry months, and a shorter cut in the cool damp months. For the last mow of the year, we recommend a height of 2 inches. This minimizes rodent and winter damage.
Always use sharp blades!
Keeping blades sharp allows the grass to have a clean professional look and cut. Dull blades can leave the grass ends frayed and damaged, resulting in a higher chance of disease, drought or sun damage. It never looks nice, we recommend you sharpen your blades every 4-6 weeks - the sharper the better!
​Mulching or Bagging?
Alternate between bagging and mulching your grass cutting. Mulching every mow will cause thatch to build-up and possibly choke out the lawn. Bagging every mow could rob your lawn from the much needed nutrients it requires. We recommend that you mulch your lawn once a month and bag the rest.
​Does laying stripes matter?
Simply put, yes, patterns do matter! Not only do they make your lawn look professional, clean and tidy. Alternating the patterns from week to week will increase root and blade strength.
​Machine maintenance is a must!
The lawn mower that cuts your lawn also has to have regular maintainence. Cleaning the mower is something most often forget. Grass cuttings build up under the mow deck resulting in poor bagging and mulching. Weeds can also be spread throughout your lawn or on to your neighbour's lawn from a dirty mower. It's also important to clean your air filter regularly and change the oil at least once a year. This ensures your lawn mower isn't underpowered and will continue to mow for many years.