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Fall Clean – Up

Fall Clean-Up removing dead leaves!
There are many reasons for having a fall clean and it's not just about the appearance of your property that should make you decide to have a cleanup in the Fall. There are several other factors you should think about before the snow arrives.​​
By removing the leaves from the lawn and yard, it helps to keep lawn fungus such as Gray and Pink Snow Mold paying an unwanted visit. Snow mold is caused when there is an time period of snow on ground that is not completely frozen. Snow mold can also occur under leaves that have not been removed from the lawn or among the long grass that should have been cut one more before winter. Leaves can choke the lawn and kill it, and when Spring comes it can get expensive seeding new grass. Also, wet leaves which have been compressed under snow for 3-5months are much harder to remove in the spring.
Mulching with dried leaves!
The best way to use leaves is to cut them up. Its best to let them dry first. Once dry, use a lawn mower to chop them into little pieces. Dried leaves as mulch break down much quicker and shred much easier. Using leaf shreds for mulch is an easy way to recycle the debris in your yard. To use the dried leaves as mulch, spread them at 3 to 4 inches around trees and shrubs and 2 to 3 inches over flower beds. Work leaf shreds into vegetable beds to increase valuable nutrients. The smaller the leaves are shredded, the quicker they will break down and the less likely they will mat and mold.
What is leaf mulch!
There are many types of mulch, and leaf mulch is exactly what it sounds like, leaves. This organic mulch will decompose and needs to be replaced eventually,  it improves the soil’s fertility and its organic content. Mulching with leaves in many situations where you want more rapid decomposition and is generally a free commodity to anyone and it is win/win.
The gardener spends quality time working on his or her soil and getting ready for the growing season. Some of us make our own compost, purchase manures or even buy soil additives. The cheaper solution, however, is to use what nature gives you for free. Using leaf litter for mulch enriches the soil and perpetuates the cycle of life by renewing plants.