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Eavestrough and Gutter Cleaning
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​​Eavestrough Cleaning Tips

How to clean?
Scoop out all loose debris. Starting at a drain outlet at the low end of the gutter, use a garden trowel or a gutter scoop to scoop out loose debris, working away from the drain outlet. It’s easiest to do this when the debris is slightly damp and not soggy or dried and encrusted. To minimize cleanup later, you can scoop the debris into a plastic bucket.
Check downpipes
Clear obstructions in downpipes. If water doesn’t drain freely then try flushing the debris down with a hose. If that doesn’t work, use a extension pole and attachment to free and pull out the debris from the bottom or, in some situations, to push it through from the top.
Also check downpipes for rust, peeling paint or leaks, and make sure they are fixed tightly against the fascia boards. Check the fascia boards themselves for dry rot or other damage, and, if need be, replace them with treated lumber.